With the purpose of providing a new attraction center for the people of Antalya and the visitors of this city to become acquainted with the different colors of art and culture, the ATSO’s (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s) Educational Research and Culture Foundation started Antalya Culture & Art.

Antalya’s local and foreign tourists can now have a great time engaged in culturally enriching creative activities year round thanks to the increasing number of culture and art related events that this venue provides. In this way not only will Antalya’s “culture and art city” identity be reinforced through Antalya Culture & Art, but also it’s identity as a city broadening its dedication to tourism and trade. Antalya Culture & Art is a three floor architectural work prepared by Dr. Architect Sinan Genim set apart thanks to the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation as a place to host upcoming exhibits.

Antalya Culture & Art will be hosting year round exhibits of international artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, as well as housing exhibits of Antalya’s history and archaeology as well as other notable national exhibits.

At the same time as it hosts national and international exhibits, Antalya Culture & Art will host in house educational workshops and events with an upcoming scholarship program to develop the future generation of artists, giving them a better cultural appreciation and vision.

Also it is the aim of ATSO’s Educational Research and Culture Foundation’s constitution to see the restoration of Kaleiçi’s local artists, promoting and investing in collecting from the works of local artists and housing the works Antalya’s artists.

Why Antalya Culture & Art?

Because ATSO wants:

  • To create a foundation by which Antalians can find lifelong self-improvement

  • To improve the city’s quality of life

  • To broaden the horizons of future generations

  • To cast a cultural vision

  • To increase the potential for entertainment and encourage deeper thinking

Because ATSO wants “Turkey’s Capital” - Antalya:

  • To be home to a brand new attraction

  • To offer more than the beautiful seaside and sun for visitors to enjoy

  • To improve culture tourism

  • To be improved from the perspective of industry