• Antalya Culture and Arts Education, August Workshops Has Started!

    Summer art workshops parallel to 'Andy Warhol, Pop Art for Everyone'...

  • Antalya Culture and Arts Education, Summer Art Workshops Starts Soon!

    Summer art workshops ...

  • Warhol on my Tote / ages 15+

    Antalya Culture and Arts is planning an educational event called “Warhol on my Tote” within the scope of Pop Art for Everyone exhibition, for 15+ age.

    Participants in the workshop will use stencils of som...

  • Imaginitive Designs / Ages 7-14

    Andy Warhol selected popular objects as a subject to his art, inspired from advertisements and packaging and used such ascanned goods and Coca Cola bottles in his pieces.

    In this workshop, children will observe Andy Warhol’s pop culture pr...

  • The Fruits of Pop / Ages 4-6

    In this workshop children will inspire from the "Flower" series in the Pop Art for Everyone exhibition and create pop collages over their drawings using colorful paper and paint.



  • My Pop Portrait / Ages 7-14

    Andy Warhol was a leader of the Pop Art movement where artists used images from advertisements, television and magazines: using mass media as a mode to convey images.

  • Endangered Animal Species / Ages 4-6

    In this workshop, children will choose animals from the series of "Endangered Species" and form and color them with modeli...

  • Would you like to experience the joy of making music together with your children?

    Making music and dancing together are two great ways for parents and children to relate to each other. It is not important that you have an ear for music or a good voice to sing. The important thing is to ...

  • Creative Drama Workshop Ages 6-8 and 8-10
    In this creative drama workshop participants will primarily assume the different roles of actors, directors, organizers, and the audience.  

    They will prepare and open their own exhibits, and they will experience the pleasure of show...

  • Karagöz Workshop

    Ages 7-14

    In this workshop participants will learn the cultural history and theory behind the puppet theater of Karagöz-Hacıvat and will have the opportunity to design their own shadow puppets.

    After viewi...

  • There’s Art at the Mall!

    You are invited! This workshop is put on to help participants discover and develop their creative abilities and make them a part of their social life.

    On January 10th, 17th and 24th at the Deepo Outlet Shopping Center we invite children to a chil...

    • November 17-19, 2015 - Students will be meeting with the European Union and Art


    Between November 17-19, 2015 Antalya Culture & Arts held a program for the city’s students “Students Meeting the EU and Art.” The Antalya C...

  • A Sustainable Life Film Festival that is sharing, open ,just, understanding, embracing diversity, globally and locally mindful of the value of life will take place at Antalya Culture & Art Auditorium in Antalya on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of November. Brought to you ...

  • In this educational and creative workshop children will examine the engraving works of Picasso and make their own linocut printings.

    The children ages 10-14 group will be utilizing Picasso’s works and imaginatively creating their own drawings on linoleum to make their original pri...

  • In this creative workshop children will draw inspiration from Picasso’s engravings and works that portray the stories of his daily life to create their own paintings or 3 dimensional pieces.

    The children ages 7-14 group will be examining Picasso’s “Woman and Bull, Engr...

  • In this fun workshop children will use dough and paint to create a human head on a snake body or maybe a goat head on a human body or possibly a human body half dinosaur like.

    In this workshop for the 4 - 6 year-old age group, they will draw inspiration from the ceramic pieces on displa...

  • In this creative workshop children will follow the path of Picasso’s lively human figures in creating their own 3 dimensional characters from various materials.

    In this workshop for children ages 4 - 6 participants will use recycled materials to design and paint their colorful dol...