About ACCI

The Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Education, Research and Culture Foundation, representing Antalya’s Chamber of Commerce was founded in August of 2015. The primary purpose of the Foundation was determined to be “to lead in broadening the socio-cultural works of Antalya through education, research and scholarship activities.

The foundation brought Antalya Culture and Arts into existence, primarily, to create a platform for locals to have a lifelong place where they might develop through education and cultural activities. Antalya Culture and Arts’ aim is to become a platform for national and international exhibitions and events, to offer education and research programs, to provide inspiration for children and young people, to develop their creative thinking ability with increasing success. At the same time, this platform is an attraction in Antalya for local and foreign tourists to visit in the heart of the city, purposing to provide a center for the improvement of trade.

Another part of the foundation’s body is located in Kaleiçi. Antalya Culture and Arts Kaleiçi House, which demonstrates a typical example of local architecture, will be hosting local artists’s temporary exhibitions to facilitate their production and development.

ATSO Education, Research and Culture Foundation has a special area of focus on giving scholarhips to bachelor, masters and doctoral studies, scientific contributions to academic researches, supporting projects which conducted around Antalya

ATSO Education, Research and Culture Foundation was established to contribute to the city’s socio-cultural development by offering educational, research and scholarship activities and cultural practices.