Vision | Mission


Antalya Culture & Art’s vision - to be Antalya’s leading civil society serving for the improvement of its education, research and scholarship activities broadening the cultural projects for the socio-cultural improvement of the region.



Antalya Culture and Arts’ mission is to create a platform for the members of Antalya’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) and locals to experience lifelong improvement through educational and cultural activities, providing educational study programs for children and youth to explore and create through art-culture venues and programs, giving scholarships to help needy neighbors benefit from these national and international events, becoming an attraction for Antalya’s city dwelling local and foreign tourists and thus improving the trade of the city, promoting societal help and interdependency through the foundations improvements and publications.

To strengthen Antalya’s “culture and art center” identity is Antalya Culture and Arts’ mission, not only for the sake of improving the city’s culture and identity but also its trade and infrastructure.