Cemil Tonbul

Antalya’s Chief of Police

I commend once more this building as a place that will certainly be a light to our future, culture and education. I wish it great success.

Menderes Türel

Antalya Head of State

Without a doubt, this will be a great addition to the healthy cultural education of our youth, children and people and I pass on my thankfulness to all those on the board of directors at the ATSO (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and send my heartfelt congratulations.

Ümit Uysal

Muratpaşa Head of State

How blessed we are to have such wonderful world renowned artists represented in our city of Antalya.

Hakan Tütüncü

Kepez Head of State

I extend my heartfelt thanks out of a passion for culture and art to ATSO’s head officer Davut Çetin and his staff, for this great addition to the people of Antalya. Wishing Antalya Culture & Art great success.

Muammer Türker

Governor of Antalya

May the AC&A’s esthetic appeal be a successful home for a variety of emotive activities.