Antalya Culture and Arts will host Encounters, which was realized by the Pera Museum in collaboration with Akdeniz University and has previously been exhibited at Pera Museum between 8 September – 16 October 2016, comprising works by the students and graduates of Akdeniz University’s Faculty of Fine Arts between 21 October 2016 – 26 February 2017.


Since its inauguration in 1999, The Faculty of Fine Arts at Akdeniz University has not only strived to educate inquisitive, productive, open-minded individuals that embrace critical thinking and global cultures, but it also aims to introduce young, creative names into the cultural milieu of Antalya and Turkey.


Containing references to the artistic means used in contemporary art, Encountersenables questioning the aesthetic evolution of the art works. The exhibition presents a broad selection that extends from works by graduates of different terms, as well as currently enrolled graduate students at Akdeniz University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Using different media, works executed in the fields of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Ceramics, Photography, Traditional Turkish Arts and Cinema-Television allow viewers to follow the changing concept of art across a wide time range at the school.


Instead of determining a common conceptual theme, the exhibition focuses on the methods taught and developed throughout the multi-dimensional model of education espoused by the Faculty of Fine Arts. The display of the works in the exhibition embraces the idea that methods and media are merely tools in artistic production and makes room for an interdisciplinary dialogue and analysis of diverse aesthetic and thematic approaches.


Through works collected under the headings The Metamorphosis of the Body, Abstraction, Conceptual Approaches, Digital Universe -Publicity and Documentary, the exhibition reveals the common ties, as well as the relational aesthetic of the conceptual and intellectual approaches in the production processes of students trained at Akdeniz University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition is curated by Ebru Nalan Sülün.