Antalya residents met a brand new platform for culture and arts at the heart of the city in 2015: Antalya Culture and Arts.


Antalya Culture and Arts, founded by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Education, Research and Culture Foundation in order to create a new site of attraction in Antalya and to bring different colors of culture and arts to residents and visitors of the city, hosts national and international exhibitions; provides art education for adults and kids; organizes conferences and panels with a wide range of topics, including arts, heritage, philosophy, literature, and cinema.


Antalya Culture and Arts is located in a 5-story contemporary building designed by Dr. Sinan Genim, at the very center of the city and the intersection of touristic and commercial axes. Including three large exhibition halls, one auditorium, education rooms, a coffeeshop and a gift shop that features original souvenirs and books on Antalya, the building with its unique façade that represents the harmony of differences has been one of the symbolic landmarks of Antalya since the day it was opened.

AKS Café

Located at Antalya Culture and Arts’s entrance floor, the cafe is designed for our visitors to rest before or after they visit the exhibition and have a delightful time.

AKS Shop

The products sold at AKS Gift Shop include decorative items inspired by the city, books on culture & arts, limited edition jewelry & ceramics and catalogues of the exhibitions held at Antalya Culture & Arts.

Hall Rental

Antalya Culture and Arts classrooms and the auditorium can be rented for private educational events in accordance with the mission and vision of the ATSO (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Foundation. You can find detailed information about the rooms below and use the form on the left to rent the halls.

Classroom I & II

These classrooms are intended to be used for workshops. These works have been developed to meet a growing need.


Room Attributes:

  • 25 m2 space
  • 360 x 160 x 72 cm tables with a maximum capacity of 15 people
  • Supply Closet for educator’s supplies
  • Projectors, projection screens and flip-charts can be provided per request.


Classroom III

This room is designed for educational events and special meetings.


Room Attributes:

  • 65 m2 space
  • Chairs with armrests for up to 50 people
  • Supply closet is available for educator’s supply needs
  • Projectors, projection screens and flip-charts can be provided per request.

Located in the basement of the Antalya Culture and Arts building, the auditorium is designed for press conferences, informational meetings, conferences and seminars. This space is allocated for groups of more than 50 people.


Room Attributes:

  • 140 m2 space
  • 20 m2 surface area stage
  • 112 people capacity
  • Sound system, simultaneous translation system and recording system.