Melek Mazıcı - Transparent Reflections

Organic forms giving the audience the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and emotions, are located at the heart of Melek Mazıcı’s works that are made by several painting techniques. Various images such as flowers, plants and landscapes have been diversified in line with the different geographies the artist has experienced while her years of travel. Among the subjects that have inspired Mazıcı are Far East culture and its philosophy, as well as inspirations from Icelandic landscapes; while it is possible to say that the feeling of zen is dominant in the paintings. Despite the rich use of form, colour and light, all of Mazıcı’s works involve simplicity. In these simple compositions, the audience sometimes capture feminine forms, some traces of the subconscious, or some images between sleep and awake. Mazıcı emphasises that she realises her works are in “collaboration with her own mind” and states that the audience is an active part of this process.

Melek Mazıcı graduated from the State School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 1981.  She followed post-graduate studies of engraving and print at Helsinki Fine Arts Academy between 1985-89 and then at Stockholm Royal Academy in 1989-90.  Melek Mazıcı’s solo exhibitions took place in many galleries in Helsinki, Istanbul and Stockholm and she participated in many group exhibitions in Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, USA and Japan. Her works have been included in the collections of various museums such as Helsinki Museum, State Collection of Finland, Turku Municipality Collection, Alvar Aalto Museum, Paulo Foundation, Kouvala Art Museum,  Aieen Art Museum, Oko Bank, Oulu Art Museum. She lives and works in Helsinki.


From the beginning of her artistic production, the artist has also used print patterns, installations and different painting techniques effectively in her art.

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